Discussion Questions:

1. Which Tab in Applications allows Dreamweaver to write a mysql_connect script in your site
We create connection script in the Databases tab by choosing + for mySQL Connection. This connection is created as a php file in the Connections folder in the root folder. Than in the Bindings tab we create a Recordset query.

2. The act of using a primary key to associate with a foreign key is called:

3. Using PHP and MySQL, how could you alphabetize a list of users by lastname on a php display page?
In the Bindings tab, we would choose to sort by last name, ascending, and than Repeat Region.

4. If you see something like "images/spaceport.jpg" in a field of one of your tables, how might you expect to be using it within the Dreamweaver interface?

<img src ="images/spaceport.jpg"/>