Final Project: Discover
SOFAKE   + (was) fresh experience design and navigation design
EXCESS ALL AREAS + + effective use of Flash 8 video
FOSTER ARCHITECTS   + minimal interface design, usability questionable
CRASHSHOP + + unique balance of usability and experience
SHIFT +   shift's design solutions are neutral in order to house radical content
VECTORS + + groudbreaking: minimal shell for the amazing multimedia presentations
AIGA ARCHIVES + + confortable and clear navigation
COLORS + + domus design: simple and clean, with thought provoking content.
YUGO NAKAMURA + + not many people would give yugo's site + on usability. navigation is challenging and inspiring.
LEHMANN MAUPIN + + minimal and effective art gallery site.
All of the listed sites have effective interface design, navigation design and content presentation. Some of them also provide unique experience.