Final Project: Define the Problem

In your own words, explain your interpretation of the expectation of the final project. Answer the following questions:

What is needed to complete the project
This project is a dynamic web site created using html, PHP and mySQL.

When is the deadline?
The end of the class.

What obstacles must you overcome to ensure completion of this project?
Getting stuck with the new concepts learned in the class. I am not comfortable enough with PHP to be able to troubleshoot effectively.

Do you have ample resources?
Time is my main concern. I would like to make this project work at the template level, and add authentic content later.

Will you need to consult with outside resources to ensure success?

Is there any vague terminology that you have encountered that needs to be addressed?
I wouldn't call it vague, but it is new and I haven't adopted it yet.

From the course outline does it appear as though we will cover these concepts, or is this something you will need to find out on your own?